China Straw Baler suppliers

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China Straw Baler suppliers

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Product Description
Introduction of Mini round baler.
1.Mini round hay baler can pick up alfalfa,hay,silage,wheat,rice straws and crumbled corn stalks and compressthem into compact bales.
2.The baler is small size and easy to transport. The mechanical parts consist of pick-up part, reel-and-press roller part, part of tying up with trread and part of putting the bale.
2.Bale are easy to handle,transport and store.they are widely used in collecting and bundling grass,straw, wheat stalk,corn stalkreed,Cane caudate lobe,cotton,cloth,waste paper,metal and deep processing.It can also follow in combine harvester to achive the best effect.
Dimension (cm)115*130*120131*146*138131*167*156157*167*170
Pickup Width (cm)70809595
Baler Size (dia*width) (cm)50*7060*7062*9580*95
Baler Weight (kg)15-20kg20-30kg30kg50kg
Drum Speed200r/s200r/s200r/s200r/s
Match Power25-50hp25-50hp25-50hp25-50hp
PTO Speed540r/s540r/s540r/s540r/s
Weight (kg)400450500570
Force Feeding /870F have1070F have1090F have

Features of Mini round baler
1. self-hydraulic ejection system
2. automatic binding system
3. high work efficiency, suit for dry or wet land
4. 3 point linkage, easy to lift and pass from one place to another
5. buzzer warning after one bale finished,bale density adjustable
6. natural hemp twine, harmless to animal
Packing & DeliveryChina Straw Baler suppliers

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